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Stainless Steel Toggle Latches

Stainless steel toggle latches are manufactured from high quality stainless steel, with rounded edges to ensure safe handling. Toggle clips bear much more clamping strength than general clips.

Material of toggle clips -

  • Type201;
  • Type304;
  • Type316L

Stainless steel toggle latches packing -

  • 10 sets/box;
  • 20 sets/box;
  • 50 sets/box;
  • 80 sets/box

Stainless steel toggle clips are easy to install and remove, widely used in various incineration plant equipment, nuclear power insulation works, groove box, petrochemical insulation pipe valve boxes, jungle construction machinery, marine equipment, outdoor waterproof riot lighting, electrical boxes, valve boxes, furniture, equipment, toolbox Fixed connection.

Popular toggle latches:


Stainless steel Toggle Latches


Stainless steel Toggle Clips

MC806-C (Adjustable stainless steel toggle latches)

Adjustable Stainless steel Toggle Latches