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Rectangular Expansion Springs

Stainless steel rectangular expansion springs are used a lot in thermal insulation industry, expansion joint, removable reusable insulation covers or jackets, or any other heat insulation fabrication and manufacturing, welding blankets, furance curtains, fire blankets, etc..

Stainless Steel Rectangular Expansion Springs

Material of steel rectangular expansion springs -

  • 304 stainless steel;
  • Galvanized steel;
  • Nickel plated steel
Nickel Plated Steel Rectangular Expansion Springs

Popular size of stainless steel rectangular expansion springs (length x width x wire diameter) -

  • 120mm x 28mm x 3mm;
  • 100mm x 28mm x 3mm;
  • 50mm x 28mm x 3mm

Other spec is available upon request.