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Cup Headed CD (Capacitor Discharge) Weld Pins

Warmlock Cup headed CD Weld Pins are manufactured to attach insulation layers to metal surface, involved a lot in HVAC duct lining, air ducts, shipbuilding and maintenance, and various removable or reusable insulation covers and jackets on heating equipments.

Cup headed CD weld pins

Warmlock Cup headed CD Weld Pins are manufactured of stainless steel as the majority. Meanwhile we have other options available of Galvanized CD Weld Pins or Galvanized Insulation Weld Pins, Copper Plated CD Weld Pins or Copper Plated Insulation Weld Pins, Nickel Plated CD Weld Pins or Nickel Plated Insulation Weld Pins.

Warmlock Cup headed CD Weld Pins have a cup head in diameter of 30mm (ie,1.18 inches) that is easy for welders to locate during installation. And the cup heads have an upturned bevelled edge that protects the insulation surface from cutting or tearing when the CD weld pins are pushed to pierce through the insulation layers during installation. Also Warmlock has specifically designed the manufacturing technique to ensure the pins to stand firmly and perpendicularly on the head base, unlike quite some of Cup headed CD weld pins in the industries, whose pin parts come loose easily out of the head bases when being held to shake in cross directions, that lowers efficiency when installation or fabrication, even leads the product fail to work. Warmlock Cup headed CD weld Pins perform excellent on this precision point.

Cup headed CD weld pins

Material of insulation quilting pins -

  • Galvanized steel;
  • Copper plated;
  • Nickel plated

Typical specifications of Warmlock insulation quilting pins

  • Material: galvanized steel;
  • Pin length: 65mm (2.5") or 115mm (4.5");
  • Pin diameter: 2mm (14GA) or 2.7mm (12GA);
  • Base diameter: 30mm;
  • Base thickness: 0.5mm

Other spec is available upon request.

Application of insulation quilting pins -

Stainless steel insulation quilting pins